2020 Hottest Trend Report

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“Big Bold Animal Prints” – from accent cushions to rugs to statement pieces of furniture, bringing African influences to your home.

“Go Tropical” – oversized tropical prints in lush leafy greens on printed wall papers and fabrics.

“Chic Lace” – add lace sheers to a room for a Romantic Chic feel.

“Check to Texture” – checked fabrics in linen and woollen textures for a classic feel. Use an eclectic mix of cushions in different textures and neutral tones to add a sense of cosy calm to your living space.

“Old School Romance”

Natural tones of white cream and neutrals teamed with vintage lace and soft fabrics for a Bohemian Romantic look.

2020 Influences

“The Throw Back Years” – 1970’s revival is here! Don’t be afraid thinking of your grandparent’s orange and brown lounge with corduroy sofa’s and flower power wallpaper. Look beyond the retro and let the playful mood of the 1970’s inspires your new room. Clash large and small prints remember bold is beautiful.

“2020 colours” include bold shades of terracotta, burnt orange, ochre and buttery tan bringing a mellow warmth to a room.

Oversized floral wall coverings and geometric designs will be abundant this year.

Velvet is here, this luxurious fabric in an array of colours will be seen in block on furniture and fabrics. Paired with dramatic wall papers and textured cushions what’s not to love.

Ergonomic shapes echoing nature and organic forms used in furniture designs brings a peaceful flow to your home. Accent dark woods such as Ebony, Walnut or Steely Grey bring a defined edge to the interior space.

“The New Classic” – Modern monochromatic choose a minimalist black and white style for a contemporary type of classic.

50 Shades of Grey has been present for a few years now moving on from this neutral tone will play a huge part of 2020. We may think neutrals are boring after seeing years of magnolia, grey hues have made a refreshing new backdrop.

How to make neutrals more interesting? Remember a neutral palette will make a small room look bigger, a dark room lighter and pretty much go with anything. However, if not used correctly neutral schemes can look bland and boring. Here’s a few simple tips to remember……..

  • Use complementary neutral tones together on wallpaper will create a quiet impression. This will allow you to add pattern and texture without the worry of it being overbearing.
  • Introducing natural wood in furniture adds detail, warmth and ensure the design does not look flat.

  • Add texture to walls using wallpaper mimicking concrete and natural finishes. Dress the walls with accents of natural finishes which vary enormously, and their imperfections only add to their simple beauty.

  • Define with black accents adding structure and a statement without clashing or overpowering the room.

  • Add a feature wall in a darker shade this will ensure the room doesn’t look washed out. Avoid playing safe as a bland room lacks character and interest.

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