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Angel Strawbridge / Tiebacks & Trimmings

Angel Strawbridge - Le Cirque du Chateau Tiebacks £7.20 (10% off RRP)

Pack Size - Pair - 61cm (24")
Aftercare - spot clean only
Colourways - 1 colour available 

RRP - Tiebacks £8 you save 15% 

  • £7.20

Product Description

Collection Description

Le Cirque du Chateau Tiebacks - A Whimsical wonderland...the new 'Le Cirque du Chateau' collection is inspired by Angel's love of the Carnival, Fairground memorabilia and all that 'Fun of the Fair'. Angel's children, Arthur and Dorothy, adore their fabulous furry friends and love that they are featured as playful circus characters. The Strawbridge family's obsession with Punch and Judy puppets and traditional funfair attractions is really celebrated in this playful design. "I've been collection vintage fairground memorabilia for as long as I can remember and for me 'Le Cirque du Chateau' evokes all the joy of a family day out: the sights, sounds and thrills of the circus or a traditional fairground ride - there's nothing quite like it! This collection makes me smile!" Co-ordinating cushions, lampshades, bedlinen & fabric also available.

Adena - Tieback £16.80 (10% off RRP)

Adena - Tieback £16.80 (10% off RRP)

Description Elegant over long skirted tieback with a gimp body and

Regular price £16.80
Belezza - Beaded Fringe £19.50 (10% off RRP)

Belezza - Beaded Fringe £19.50 (10% off RRP)

Description A double bead adorns this narrow headed fringe perfect for

Regular price £19.50
Belezza - Cord £6.70 (10% off RRP)

Belezza - Cord £6.70 (10% off RRP)

Description A braided cord perfect for embellishing cushions and pelmets. Size

Regular price £6.70
Belezza - Flanged Cord £7.90 (10% off RRP)

Belezza - Flanged Cord £7.90 (10% off RRP)

Description A flanged braided cord suitable for inserting when making cushions.

Regular price £7.90