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Copper Fox / Tiebacks & Trimmings

Puff Ball

Fringe Depth - 6.5cm
Braid Depth - 1cm
Pom-pom Diameter - 5cm                                                             

Colourways - available in 4 soft colourways

  • £30.00

Product Description

Product Description

Puff Ball - Just as the puff ball skirts of the 80's were a little different, crazy & fun so is this fringe! We took a simple trim and supersized it to make a real statement. Pom-poms don't get much bigger thank this!

Adena - Tieback

Adena - Tieback

Size800MM Tassel & Header 540mm800MM Tassel & Header 540mm

Regular price £17.00
Artisan - Tieband

Artisan - Tieband

Size850mm Width 40mm850mm Width 40mm

Regular price £7.50
Belezza - Beaded Fringe

Belezza - Beaded Fringe

SizeBraid Width 12mm with Beads 50mmBraid Width 12mm with Beads 50mm

Regular price £20.30
Belezza - Cord

Belezza - Cord

SizeDiameter 9mmDiameter 9mm

Regular price £6.80