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Introducing Sinfonia by iLiv

This stunning fabric collection by iLiv Textiles encapsulates eight bold and striking fabric designs. Showcasing interlocking harlequin inspired diamonds, geometrics and textured plain designs. Sinfonia is a luxurious woven jacquard fabric inspired by the theatrical decadence of the musical arts.

"Master Bedroom Design"

This versatile collection in its neutral palette lends itself to any interior space.

Here we have used Tutti Mercury for the bed throw and teamed with a eclectic mix of cushions in Libretto Zinc, Tutti Mercury and Sinfonia Zinc.

The fabrics sit seamlessly against an upholstered headboard fabric by Sheila Combs with Swarovski Chrystal detail. Wall covering Mica by Omexco is a luxurious crushed stone linear design.

We added a snug envelope cushion in Libretto Zinc for the dressing room chair.

Sinfonia Colour Palette

I absolutely love the colour palette from neutral tones, wintery greys, minty greens, blush pinks to muted yellows. There is literally something for everyone that will work as a new design scheme or blend into an existing scheme. Each of the designs can mix and match with each other or harmonise with heavier patterns.

How and Where to Use

The Sinfonia collection can be used on all soft furnishings such as blinds, curtains, cushions, throws. The fabrics are a woven jacquard that laces sheen through its lustrous yarns. Lighting aspects in a room from pendent lights to natural sunlight, show this beautiful sheen and textures.

Tips of the trade:

1 - Use a collaboration of colourways.

For example - a throw with one side in Porcelain and the other in Rosequartz, enables a dual purpose design. So if you are feeling a Rosequartz mode then turn the throw to this side and for a quick and easy design change turn over to show the Porcelain side.

2 - Mix up the Designs.

By using different patterns adds interest, design does not have to be all set in groups and matching.

3 - Adding detail.

When piping a cushion or adding a band to leading edge of curtains, either use the same design in a different colourway of a different design in an alternative colourway. It's the little fine details that make a design.

Sinfonia now available from our on-line store.

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