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Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and the daffodils are blooming. Suddenly our sense of well being is brightened, the warmth of the sun on our face and colour appearing all around us lifts our spirits, which I'm sure you will all agree has been a long waited remedy.

The Easter break is nearly upon us and as we look forward to a long weekend filled with chocolate treats and family time, my mind springs into action. With so much inspiration around and the garden coming into bloom from the yellow tones of the daffodils, the deep purples of the snakes heads and the lush green of the spring grass. I'm planning how I am going to dress my table, what decorations to add to my home, craft time with my children and of course the traditional Easter egg hunt.

The phone rings and the BBC invite me to join the lovely Phil Throw for a live radio interview talking all things Easter. I love to be able to share my ideas and inspire people to get creative and take inspiration from the natural environment. If we all open our eyes its amazing what you do see.

So to share with you all, here are some Easter tips and ideas I hope you will share with you family and loved ones. Happy Easter to you all, have a wonderful time...

You can listen to the interview on the link below.

Let's Get Creative......

If you open your mind you will be surprised what you can achieve. You don't have to spend lots of pennies on decorations or accessories. Take a walk around your garden or park even the fallen twigs can be made into something beautiful..........

Dressing your Table for Easter

Whatever the size or shape of your table you can dress it up for Easter, here's some inspirational ideas.

“Bunnies & Eggs”

This gorgeous blush pink table cloth adorned with tiny silver bunnies, complemented with an applique rabbit table runner. Centre pieces include a mini Easter tree, painted eggs, rabbits and carrot. All in a pastel pallet.

“Outside In”

Use living spring flowers in tubs such as mini daffodils. Use wicker baskets as birds nests filled with chocholate egg treats and painted eggs. Forage the garden for some fallen twigs to create your own Easter egg tree.

“Natural Magic”

For the base you can use a wooden chopping board or a random piece of timer. Empty eggshells can be used with a tea light candle, yellow ones would be ideal. Add some feathers twigs fresh flowers for a natural feel.

Birds Nest Lantern...

Love this little simple idea. We all have a lantern or two hanging around. Dress it up for Easter with a little raffia or twigs for a nest pop in some decorated eggs and even a little candle. A little bundle of joy to brighten up any space.

Easter Trees

The East tree or Osterierbaum as it is known was originally a German tradition. A small trees bare branches were decorated with Easter ornaments. The tradition is slightly mysterious as there's no real story as to when or how it begun.

Easter trees can be so much fun weather indoors or outdoors be creative as you like. Weather a mini faux tree simply decorated with eggs or twigs gathered from the garden dressed with hand made crafty eggs.  

One of my favourites is getting out the Christmas tree and magically transforming it into an Easter tree. Use bunny ears, feather bowers, carrots and soft toys the more dressing the better.

A traditional outdoor tree, find a tree or even a shrub in your garden and dress with your decorated eggs. This makes a fantastic finishing point for that all important Easter egg hunt.


Easter Wreaths

Making your Easter wreath is a great activity for all the family. Wiring two twig circles together and adding some bunny ears is a quick an easy bunny wreath, finish by adding some decorations.

Feather bowers are great to wrap around a wreath add a few eggs and little chicks for a feathery display.

Plastic or decorated polystyrene eggs glued together make a simple yet very colourful display.

My absolute favourite this year is the upcycling of soft toys. Most homes with children will have a bunny cuddly toy. pop the bunny through the centre of the wreath and wrap the ears around the back so they appear at the top. Finish dressing the wreathe with ribbons, eggs, flowers and hand on your door. The Easter bunny is coming......

Painting Eggs - be different.....

One of the most enjoyed family crafts for Easter is painting eggs. Anything goes you can use them to decorate your tree, table basically anywhere in the home.  

Here's some fun unique designs .....

Top 5 Fun Family Games

1 - Easter Egg Hunt - round the garden or home make it fun.

2 - The Treat Rope - Use a long piece of string thread party rings through and tie the string at either end. Players have to eat the entire treat without it falling on the ground. No hands.

3 - Egg Tower - Use toilet roll tubes cut into pieces. Instruct the players to build the tallest tower using the cut up toilet rolls and eggs one at a time. The tallest tower wins.

4 - Egg Walk - a little twist on the egg and spoon. Place 2 or more eggs on a plate and the players must walk from the start to the finish without dropping the egg.

5 - Carrot in the Basket - all you need is a pile of carrots and one or more baskets. Divide players into teams and have them toss the carrots into the baskets. Whichever team gets the most carrots in the basket wins.

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To listen to the BBC Podcast just click on the link below..... Happy Easter

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