Think Green! Think Foliage!

Posted by Faye Butterworth on

With health awareness becoming ever more prominent in our everyday lives, the humble houseplant is making a comeback. In the 70’s houseplants where a must have and ironically we didn’t appreciate the health benefits they provided back then. 

Now finally as we appreciate them not just for their appearance but for their medicinal benefits.  So pop down to your local garden centre and browse all of the thousands of varieties to accent your home, there is literally something for everyone’s taste.   

Pop hanging plants on a mantelpiece or shelves. Use tall leafy palms to dress that bare corner and soften the room. Team with lush green accents of velvet cushions, textured rugs or a statement piece of furniture. 

Gorgeous new wallpaper and fabric collections using palm leaves and botanical collections – pop over to our online shop and go green. 

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