Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

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The Pantone palette colour of the year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, it’s a complex and sometimes challenging hue, alluding to the mysteries of the night sky, the far-flung galaxies of the outer cosmos, a sense of other worldliness. Purple is a regal and unconventional colour, think Roman Emperors mixed in with the sixties hippy counter culture.  

In home design, ultra violet chimes with other bang on trends. Expanding from the metallic hues, fabrics and wallpapers of the last couple of seasons, ultra violet is playful and complex, and teams well will other trends of iridescence, translucence and pearlescent. Think the shimmer of a dragon fly, the glowing sheen of a beetle or the delicate lustre of an oyster shell.   

These colours can be amazing when partnered with a more neutral palate such as creams or grey. Think rich shiny jewel like cushions – amethyst and emerald look stunning against a grey or charcoal sofa. Other textures like velvet and chenille also carry these tones well.  Don’t be afraid of a feature wall or a clashing rug.  And look for accessories that bring these palates and textures forward, Peacock motives are back from seventies retirement and look out for lustre wear vases and mother of pearl boxes in car boot sales and charity shops whilst they are still at giveaway prices. Use pearlescent paint to accent a framed mirror of set of shelves.   

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