Vegan trends in Interior Design

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More and more of us are looking at what we eat and rejecting processed fatty and sugar heavy foods in favour of healthy alternatives. Trendy diets and a move to clean eating have seen sales of macrobiotic and organic food rocket. And as we wave goodbye to dry and vegan January, its estimated that more than 1.5 million Brits describe themselves as vegetarian and a further half a million enjoy a diet with no animal products at all. 

And this trend has cascaded down into interior design with a huge resurgence of interest in natural and organic fabrics and products. Hemp cloth – a derivative of the cannabis cloth and Bamboo textiles have been popping up on cat walks all over the fashion worlds and high street shops stock bamboo fibre pillows and mattresses. Coir- a coconut fibre is a new darling of the design world in carpeting and mats alongside previously unfashionable fabrics like jute and hessian. Check out our natural tieback collection in store. 

Companies such a Thought Clothing are marketing a range of contemporary organic clothing and bedding made of ethically sourced and sustainable fabrics. And with the fashion for home crafts still popular, designers have been experimenting with organic plant and food derived dyes. Just raiding your fruit bowl and fridge allows access to a wide range of beautiful natural plant dyes from pomegranates and berries to onion skins and beetroot. Turmeric root gives a gorgeous burnt ochre and even wild nettle leaves can be harvested to make a delicate pale green dye.   

So get foraging and think natural for the bang on trend for Spring 2018  

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